Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Arts reflection

This term for the arts we have been focusing on dance and drama. I did a dance with Manisha, Izzy and Olive. Our dance had to relate to the heart of Waimairi so we did it about growing up in the school.

On the rubric I would place my learning at relational because I could create a dance and connect it to the topic. I used my learning from dance this term to help my group. I learnt to use non-locomotive movements which are when you stand still but you still move your arms. I also learnt to use locomotive movements which is when you stroll, walk, run and move your feet. We also used height by moving up and down. We tried to use the element of time in our dance by going fast and slow.

My next step for dance and drama would be to work better with the amount of time we had because at the start we were mucking around and being silly. As we got closer to the end we were running out of time.

My next step on the rubric would be to provide support to others.

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