Monday, September 11, 2017

The last memories

There are some childhood memories I’d rather forget but some will always stay with me no matter what. I’m happy to share these two memories with you.

I was about nine years old relaxing on holiday in Otematata, happily boating around.  Then I remembered that my mum and dad had been promising to take me to the swimming area. I thought I could use this to my advantage. I scrambled out of the boat, rushed up the bank and screamed “I want to go swimmingggg, I want to go swimmingggggggg”.

Finally my big cousin Todd said “I'll take you over there.” Todd and I had a race out to the pontoon and of course I won - in my dreams. He threw me off the pontoon because he said I was being a scaredy-cat. We raced back to the bank. I froze. All I could think was what on earth am I standing on? Suddenly cousin said “You stood on the weed didn't you.”

I reached down, grabbed a hand full of weed and smeared it on my cousin's head and screamed at the top of my lungs “Weed monster!”

Well that story I'll never forget here is another one I'll never forget.

7am... I wake up to the sound of the birds chirping. Oh what was a nice, quiet morning at the bach, well, what I thought was a quiet morning. I scrambled out of my cosy bed and pulled the curtains. I walked down the hallway into the kitchen and gave my mum a kiss.

Then the ear piercing scream of an adorable little baby filled the room. I was not going to let that little thing get to my head, I was in the zone ready for a great day.

I leaped out the door and into the backyard where I was going to play cricket with my three oldest cousins Hugh, Todd and Kent, my brother Tom and my Dad.  

I could tell I was playing horribly. As I was running after the ball I was stopped in my footsteps, there it was, the dreaded prickle.
I swear there was a knife stabbing my foot. Ok that's probably a bit of an over reaction. I seriously think the whole neighbourhood heard me screaming. Gee this day was not as good as I thought it was going to be.

Childhood memories are something very special to me, I’ve learnt that the hard way. Trust me, always remember them because sometimes memories are all you have left.

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