Sunday, June 11, 2017


Step by step I walked through the cold, dark, mysterious forest, hunting for the last orienteering control. As the cold breeze breathed down my back, I glanced down at my map. Anxiously I strolled through the bush.

 Manisha said “Stop”. I stopped, standing still at the bottom of the mudslide. I glanced down at my map and yelled “It's up there”.  As I scrambled up the hill the mud glued itself to my leg. I placed my knee in the wrong place and I slipped. Tumbling down I grabbed the long branch and heaved my body up.

 I scrambled along the top of the hill and glanced down the back of the post and screamed “I found it.” I quickly copied the symbol from the top of the control then headed back to the mudslide. Standing on a carpet of leaves, I slipped and tumbled down the hill. Mud covered my back, leaves grabbed my hair, not letting go. Sarah yelled “Run.” 

All I could think was “I wonder if we’ve won.  Keep running.”

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