Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reflection of speech

The parts of my speech I enjoyed were the introduction and the conclusion. I liked the introduction because I thought it would tell you about my speech and in my opinion it did. I liked the conclusion because I thought it closed the speech well. Some challenges I came across while writing my speech were the examples, I had trouble with the examples. I overcame my challenges by changing the order of my paragraphs to make my speech make more sense so you could understand it. Overall I feel very happy about the way my speech was written because I put lots of time and effort into making my speech interesting.

As I practiced reading my speech out loud I practiced making eye- contact with the audience. I think when I presented my speech to the class I did the following things well - making eye contact and saying it with a clear voice. I was challenged with using movements to help tell the story. I overcame my challenge by having a big think about my movements. Overall I am very proud of my presentation because I think that I spoke clearly and made eye contact with my audience.

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