Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Waking up

I was sleeping peacefully under my blanket when suddenly there it goes my alarm. All I wanted to do was press snooze but today that was not an option. Sitting up my blanket tumbled onto the floor. I stood up, shivering in my room, crept to my window and pulled up the blind, in burst the sun. I stood there with eyes blinded by the light.

Sprinting down the hallway in my school uniform, out to the kitchen I poured my milk into my bowl while thinking about school. Sitting down to eat I softly chatted to my mum. Then she said “Are you ready to go?”

I went to the laundry to get my school bag and sprinted around packing my bag. In the bathroom I brushed my teeth, standing there half asleep doing my hair. After putting on my shoes and doing up my shoelaces I was ready to go. I walked to the garage, grabbed my scooter and headed off to school.

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  1. Kate this is such a good piece of writing! It is very descriptive and really sounds like you. Well done, love Mum