Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Arts reflection

This term for the arts we have been focusing on dance and drama. I did a dance with Manisha, Izzy and Olive. Our dance had to relate to the heart of Waimairi so we did it about growing up in the school.

On the rubric I would place my learning at relational because I could create a dance and connect it to the topic. I used my learning from dance this term to help my group. I learnt to use non-locomotive movements which are when you stand still but you still move your arms. I also learnt to use locomotive movements which is when you stroll, walk, run and move your feet. We also used height by moving up and down. We tried to use the element of time in our dance by going fast and slow.

My next step for dance and drama would be to work better with the amount of time we had because at the start we were mucking around and being silly. As we got closer to the end we were running out of time.

My next step on the rubric would be to provide support to others.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Discovery reflection

This term while doing discovery I have been learning how to make mosaics.  While doing mosaics I have learned to be careful with the amount of supplies I use. I have also learnt to persevere on my project.

During discovery I have been  working on taking time to achieve a good result.  I have been challenged to break the tiles to the best size because they are very fragile and break easily.  I have overcome this challenge by creating a solution to my problem such as putting a towel over the tiles.

In term 4 I look forward to trying new things and having a fun time.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The last memories

There are some childhood memories I’d rather forget but some will always stay with me no matter what. I’m happy to share these two memories with you.

I was about nine years old relaxing on holiday in Otematata, happily boating around.  Then I remembered that my mum and dad had been promising to take me to the swimming area. I thought I could use this to my advantage. I scrambled out of the boat, rushed up the bank and screamed “I want to go swimmingggg, I want to go swimmingggggggg”.

Finally my big cousin Todd said “I'll take you over there.” Todd and I had a race out to the pontoon and of course I won - in my dreams. He threw me off the pontoon because he said I was being a scaredy-cat. We raced back to the bank. I froze. All I could think was what on earth am I standing on? Suddenly cousin said “You stood on the weed didn't you.”

I reached down, grabbed a hand full of weed and smeared it on my cousin's head and screamed at the top of my lungs “Weed monster!”

Well that story I'll never forget here is another one I'll never forget.

7am... I wake up to the sound of the birds chirping. Oh what was a nice, quiet morning at the bach, well, what I thought was a quiet morning. I scrambled out of my cosy bed and pulled the curtains. I walked down the hallway into the kitchen and gave my mum a kiss.

Then the ear piercing scream of an adorable little baby filled the room. I was not going to let that little thing get to my head, I was in the zone ready for a great day.

I leaped out the door and into the backyard where I was going to play cricket with my three oldest cousins Hugh, Todd and Kent, my brother Tom and my Dad.  

I could tell I was playing horribly. As I was running after the ball I was stopped in my footsteps, there it was, the dreaded prickle.
I swear there was a knife stabbing my foot. Ok that's probably a bit of an over reaction. I seriously think the whole neighbourhood heard me screaming. Gee this day was not as good as I thought it was going to be.

Childhood memories are something very special to me, I’ve learnt that the hard way. Trust me, always remember them because sometimes memories are all you have left.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Discovering my Whakapapa

Aaron Desmond smith 
My dad was born on the 24th of August 1974. 
He lived in Rakaia but was born in Ashburton.
The oldest relatives my dad remembers was his grandparents.

My dad liked to stay with his grandparents, he said they were fun and kind.  His grandfather was a blacksmith and was very good at shoeing horses.  

Something he learnt from his parents was manners.

Fiona Jane smith 
My mum’s name came from a book that her parents liked.  She was born on the 1st of October 1973.  Her mum and dad bought the farm next to her grandparents in Seddon, but she was born in Blenheim.  The oldest relatives my mum remembers are her great grandparents. Some of them were really nice and some were really strict. Her great grandma was tall and skinny.  Her grandma had 11 brothers and one sister. She told us lots of stories. Once her brother cut her toe off with an axe when they were playing.

Something my mum learnt from her parents was 
hard work.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

How objects fly

How objects fly

Have you ever been in a plane and wondered how it was flying?  Or seen a bug flying over you? Well I have an explanation to describe that. 

There are four forces that allow the plane to fly.  Lift is a force that moves the plane up and works against weight.  Thrust is a force that moves the plane forward and works against drag.  Weight is a force that pulls the plane down and works against lift.  Drag is a force that slows the the plane down and works against thrust.

The four forces 

Lift occurs when the flow of a moving gas (air) is turned by a solid object. For a plane or bird to take off there must be a stronger lift force than weight. Lift also occurs when the air flows under the wing. 

Drag acts in a direction that is opposite to the direction of the plane or bird. Drag slows the plane or bird down. Drag is important when the plane or bird is landing because the plane or bird uses drag to slow down ready to hit the ground for landing.

A plane or birds weight is always directed to the centre of the earth. Weight is very important when a plane or bird is landing because the weight of the plane or bird will pull the plane or bird down to earth.

Thrust is the force which moves the plane or bird though the air. Thrust must overcome drag or else the plane or bird will not move through the air. In a plane thrust is created by the engines. In birds the thrust is created by muscles.

How things fly?

For a plane or bird to take off their must be a strong lift and thrust force because they work together to lift the plane off the ground. For a plane or bird to land the forces drag and weight need to be the strongest to slow the object down and pull it down to the ground.   When a plane or bird is in the air there must be an equal weight and lift force to hold the plane or bird in the air. For the object to turn the air flow must become unequal to turn the object.

So overall a plane needs the four forces to fly.  It has became obvious that humans cannot fly because gravity is too strong and we do not have enough lift and thrust to get off the ground. So now I hope when you see a plane or bird fly over you know how it is flying.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Step by step I walked through the cold, dark, mysterious forest, hunting for the last orienteering control. As the cold breeze breathed down my back, I glanced down at my map. Anxiously I strolled through the bush.

 Manisha said “Stop”. I stopped, standing still at the bottom of the mudslide. I glanced down at my map and yelled “It's up there”.  As I scrambled up the hill the mud glued itself to my leg. I placed my knee in the wrong place and I slipped. Tumbling down I grabbed the long branch and heaved my body up.

 I scrambled along the top of the hill and glanced down the back of the post and screamed “I found it.” I quickly copied the symbol from the top of the control then headed back to the mudslide. Standing on a carpet of leaves, I slipped and tumbled down the hill. Mud covered my back, leaves grabbed my hair, not letting go. Sarah yelled “Run.” 

All I could think was “I wonder if we’ve won.  Keep running.”

Monday, April 3, 2017

Halswell Quarry

On Thursday we went to Halswell Quarry. I took a picture of this rock because I thought it looked cool with all the different stones, rocks and colours.  

The people who worked in Halswell Quarry in the past would play poker to see who got the first bath. 

Halswell Quarry was really fun. We played cool games and looked at amazing things. 

Overall at Halswell Quarry I had an amazing time.